V.E. Griffith did an amazing scene analysis for me. He took the time to line edit, made clear notes, and showed me exactly where I could improve my writing. It’s made my scene much stronger and cleaner. I learned a great deal from his line edits that have made me a better writer. Can’t wait to work with him again.

Catherine Marie Hernandez

Working with V.E. Griffith was fun, hard, and a tremendous learning experience. He is super professional with a very fast turnaround and excellent attention to detail. He did a 3-in-1 with line edits, developmental edits, and copy edits. He understood my characters and didn’t let me get away with anything, and even made some great suggestions to help my characters grow. He’s a stickler for passive voice, and has a great understanding of dialogue (both internal and spoken). I couldn’t recommend him more highly. My book is miles above where it was before working with him. And I learned so much that my future books will benefit from this revision too. I highly recommend you book him now, because he’s likely to fill his calendar fast. He is worth every penny.

Kim Lark

V.E. line edited a series of short stories for an anthology I coordinated. His suggestions were great, and he delivered the work ahead of schedule! I’d recommend his services to anyone needing a line editor.

Zach Bohannon

After trying for so long to find an editor, I found V.E. Griffith, and will never need to look again. He provided great editing and annotation of my 128,000 beast of a fantasy novel. It was thorough, researched where necessary, and gave me great ideas both for how to improve the story itself. Not only was the language and conciseness improved, but he also helped improve the story without changing what I had written. He’ll be getting all my future manuscripts.

Ethan Forge