Do I Need An Editor?

Yes, so hire me.

Okay, that’s more than a little self-serving. But really, why do you need an editor?

An editor helps you find specific or overall issues with your manuscript that you’re too close to the text to find. You’ve been over it so many times already, and a fresh pair of eyes can help. Your editor may find that your manuscript needs more work, that it would be better if you changed your story, if you need work on mechanical stuff like punctuation and spelling, or any of a dozen other issues that you might be completely missing.

All of this is especially important if you want to publish your manuscript, either traditionally or through self-publishing avenues. The cleaner and better your manuscript, the easier it will be to get an agent or editor to look at it if you’re going traditional, and the more satisfied your own readers will be if you self-publish.

Individual readers won’t usually give you feedback beyond ratings on places like Goodreads or Amazon, and they won’t be detailed and individualized. You’ll get non-specific feedback that isn’t really something you can use to make your manuscript better like, “the story didn’t work.” You’ll never know what problem they say because that’s all they’ll say.

A Three Story Method editor, however, is trained by J. Thorn and Zach Bohannon, the creators of the Three Story Method, to give you specific, actionable feedback based on your specific manuscript, through the Scene Rubric or Story Rubric. It won’t be comments like, “the story doesn’t work.” It will be feedback you can use: “The story doesn’t work, here’s why, here’s how to rewrite it to make it as good as it can be.”

The Three Story Method Diagnostic

The Three Story Method Story Diagnostic is a deep, thoughtful read of your manuscript, not a quick once-over or a light skim. It is a scene by scene analysis of your story, encompassing all aspects of the writing craft. It includes character, plot, theme, dialogue, and more, plus a look at the mechanical issues of your work like punctuation, grammar, and word choice. Importantly, it’s for your entire manuscript, not a one-shot one-chapter critique like Critique Circle or Scribophile.

All Three Story Method Certified Editors offer the Three Story Method Diagnostic, but each one also has a unique spin on it. I specialize in mechanics and line editing, and offer larger packages including formal line edits on top of your analysis. If that isn’t for you, but you’d like to find an editor focusing on what you want to work on, please reach out! I’m happy to refer you to the Three Story Method Certified Editor for you!

Other Benefits

Plus, with any diagnostic, you get continuing communication with your editor about your manuscript, a no-application membership to The Author Life Community, a free electronic copy of Three Story Method by J. Thorn and Zach Bohannon, and a 60 minute recorded Zoom call with your editor (and you get a copy of the recording, of course). Other editors may also offer additional services or resources, too!

In The Author Life Community, you’ll find writers at all levels, from amateurs working on their very first paragraphs to seasoned pros with dozens of published works and thriving author support businesses. You’ll find a variety of included resources and challenges including an annual two-day retreat with J. Thorn himself to help you supercharge your scene, your book, your author career, your business and your time management. Plus, community accountability can help you overcome Resistance and get your writing moving!

Check It Out

Feel free to reach out here to book your completely free, no-obligation 15 minute video Zoom session to discuss your needs and how I can help! I look forward to talking to you!

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